Journal » vintage

    Surfing the Seychelles… 

    Photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe crica 1950.

    Roadmaps in design

    Mykonos, Greece

    Days like these. With photographer Rob Tilbury

    Vintage ‘Waves’ Magazine

    Vintage 1970′s polariod. Location unknown

    Luis Camnitzer - Sunset (1968)

    The lines and shapes of a master. Artwork by Matisse

    The search for the perfect wave. Vintage 1960′s print.

    Back to the tropics. Unknown artist.

    The wonders of the world. Vintage print, artist unknown. 

    Naturally Pierrot.

    Island hopping. Vintage image, artist unknown.

    The rituals of summer. Vintage photograph, artist unknown.

    The pacific. Vintage print, artist unknown.

    The pleasures of summer. Artist unknown. 

    Escapism. Artist unknown.

    Capri, 1983

    Smith & Erickson ‘Blue Skies’ 1985

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