AEXAE is a contemporary, ready to wear British brand founded in 2015 by Australian born, Brazilian Spanish designer, Amelia Perez. 

Designed in London and renowned for it’s minimalist approach to dressing with decisive simplicity and purpose, AEXAE has built a global reputation as an industry leader in luxury wear. AEXAE combines the structure of menswear techniques and the fluidity of womenswear to create tailored relaxed cuts, resulting in a ready to wear approach to wardrobing. 

Prioritising quality over quantity, AEXAE works exclusively with natural fabrications including cotton, linen, silk and cashmere, manufacturing each collection with purpose and integrity. Where form meets functionality, each collection highlights the timeless nature of androgynous and minimalist design and our relationship to this in our day to day lives. 

Designed to be worn together or apart, each garment creates an honest expression of what luxury dressing can be.

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